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Dries $4.75/doz.
Adams Parachute 
Adams Wulff 
American March Brown 
Ausable Parachute Hex  
Ausable Wulff 
Badger Hackle Peacock 
Badger Variant 
Big Yellow May Dun 
Big Yellow May Spinner 
Black Ant 
Black Beetle 
Black Flying Ant 
Black Gnat 
Black Quill 
Black Variant 
Blonde Wulff 
Blue Dun 
Blue Quill 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Blue Wing Olive Spinner 
Blue Wing Olive, Quill Body 
Blue Winged Olive 
Brown Ant 
Brown Bivisible 
Brown Drake 
Brown Flying Ant 
Brown Hackle Peacock 
Brown Variant 
Brown Wulff 
Bullet Head Skwala Stone 
Caddis Cripple Gray 
Caddis Cripple Olive 
California Mosquito 
Callibaetis Dry 
Canadian Sedge 
CDC Adult Caddis Black 
CDC Adult Caddis Olive 
CDC Adult Caddis Tan 
CDC Biot Comparadun Adams 
Dries $4.75/doz.
CDC Biot Comparadun BWO 
CDC Biot Comparadun Light Cahill 
CDC Biot Comparadun PMD 
CDC Biot Comparadun Trico Female 
CDC Biot Comparadun Trico Male 
CDC Biot Spinner Adams 
CDC Biot Spinner BWO 
CDC Biot Spinner Light Cahill 
CDC Biot Spinner PMD 
CDC Biot Spinner Trico Female 
CDC Biot Spinner Trico Male 
CDC Emerger Trico 
CDC Loopwing Emerger Adams 
CDC Loopwing Emerger BWO 
CDC Loopwing Emerger Cahill 
CDC Loopwing Emerger PMD 
CDC Loopwing Emerger Tan 
CDC Loopwing Emerger Trico 
Chernobyl Ant 
Chernobyl Ant Black 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Cinnamon Ant 
Cinnamon Flying Ant 
Coffin Fly  
Compara Dun Adams 
Compara Dun Baetis 
Compara Dun Callibaetis 
Compara Dun PMD 
Compara Dun Sulphur 
Cream Variant 
Cripple Blue Wing Olive 
Cripple Callibaetis 
Cripple Pale Morning Dun 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Black 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Green 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Grey 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Light Brown 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Olive 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Orange 
Daddy Long Legs Cranefly Yellow 
Dark Cahill 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Dark Hendrickson 
Dark Hendrickson Parachute 
Dave's Hopper 
Dave's Hopper Green 
Deer Hair Bee 
Deschutes Caddis 
Dun Variant 
EC Caddis 
Egg Laying Stone Orange 
Egg Laying Stone Yellow 
Elk Hair Caddis Black 
Elk Hair Caddis Olive 
Elk Hair Caddis Peacock 
Elk Hair Caddis Tan 
Elk Hair Caddis Yellow 
Emerger Blue Wing Olive 
Emerger Pale Morning Dun 
Emerger Pheasant Tail 
Female Adams 
Fluttering Caddis Brown 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Fluttering Caddis Olive 
Fluttering Caddis Tan 
Foam Beetle 
Foam Spinner Brown Drake 
Foam Spinner BWO 
Foam Spinner Callibaetis 
Foam Spinner Gray Drake 
Foam Spinner Green Drake 
Foam Spinner Mahogany 
Foam Spinner Rusty 
Foam Spinner Trico Female 
Foam Wing Caddis Bright Green 
Foam Wing Caddis Gray 
Foam Wing Caddis Olive 
Foam Wing Caddis Tan 
Fore and Aft 
Ginger Quill 
Goddard Caddis 
Godzilla Salmon Fly 
Gray Fox Variant 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Gray Quill 
Green Drake 
Green Leaf Hopper 
Grey Fox 
Grey Wulff 
Griffith 's Gnat 
Griffith 's Gnat Black 
Griffith 's Gnat Olive 
Grizzley Wulff 
Hares Ear Dry 
Henryville Caddis 
Hex Spinner 
Hi Vis Foam Hopper Olive 
Hi Vis Foam Hopper Tan 
Hi Vis Foam Hopper Yellow 
Hi Vis Parachute Adams 
Hi Vis Parachute Black Gnat 
Hi Vis Parachute BWO 
Hi Vis Parachute Gray Drake 
Hi Vis Parachute Green Drake 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Hi Vis Parachute Light Cahill 
Hi Vis Parachute March Brown 
Humpy Black 
Humpy Brown 
Humpy Green 
Humpy Red 
Humpy White 
Irresistible Adams 
Irresistible Wulff 
Isonichia Spinner 
Isonychia Dun 
Japanese Beetle 
Joe's Hopper Green 
Joe's Hopper Yellow 
King River Caddis 
Krystal Caddis Black 
Krystal Caddis Gray 
Krystal Caddis Green 
Krystal Caddis Olive 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Krystal Caddis Tan 
Letort Cricket 
Letort Hopper 
Light Cahill 
Light Cahill Parachute 
Light Hendrickson 
Light Hendrickson Parachute 
Lime Trude 
Little Brown Stone 
Little Maryatt 
Little Yellow Stone 
Madam X 
Madam X Red 
Mahogany Dun 
Mahogany Parachute 
March Brown Parachute 
Midge Dry Adams 
Midge Dry Black 
Midge Dry Cream 
Midge Dry Grey 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Moose Hair Stone 
No Hackle Black 
No Hackle Cream 
No Hackle Gray 
No Hackle Olive 
No Hackle Tan 
October Caddis Dry 
Oregon Orange Caddis 
Pale Evening Dun 
Pale Morning Dun 
Palmered Caddis Orange 
Parachute Black Ant 
Parachute Black Gnat 
Parachute Blue Damsel 
Parachute Blue Wing Olive 
Parachute Brown Ant 
Parachute Caddis Black 
Parachute Caddis Olive 
Parachute Caddis Tan 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Parachute Callibaetis 
Parachute Cinamon Ant 
Parachute Dun 
Parachute Hare's Ear 
Parachute Hopper 
Parachute Hopper Olive 
Parachute Hopper Yellow 
Parachute Mosquito 
Parachute Pale Morning Dun 
Parachute Royal Coachman 
Parachute Royal Wulff 
Parachute Trico Female 
Pheasant Tail Dry 
Pink Cahill 
Quill Gordon 
Red Quill 
Red Tail Mosquito 
Reverend Lang 
Rio Grand King 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Rogue Giant Foam Stonefly 
Royal Coachman 
Royal Coachman Trude 
Royal Wulff 
Rusty Dun 
Rusty Parachute 
Rusty Spinner 
Sierra Bright Dot 
Skittering Caddis 
Slow Water Caddis Brown 
Slow Water Caddis Olive 
Sofa Pillow 
Spent Partridge Caddis 
Stillborn Elk Caddis 
Stimulator Black 
Stimulator Chartreuse 
Stimulator Olive 
Stimulator Orange 
Stimulator Royal 
Stimulator Tan 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Stimulator Yellow 
Sulphur Dun 
Sulphur Spinner 
Super Skater 
Thorax Dun Adams 
Thorax Dun BWO 
Thorax Dun Gree Drake 
Thorax Dun PMD 
Thorax Dun Trico 
Tom Thumb 
Traveling Sedge 
Trico Dun 
Trico Polywing Spinner Female 
Trico Polywing Spinner Male 
Trico Spinner Female 
Trico Spinner Male 
Turk's Tarantula Green 
Ugly Duckling Adams 
Ugly Duckling Brown Drake 
Ugly Duckling BWO 
Dries $4.75/doz.
Ugly Duckling Green Drake 
Ugly Duckling PMD 
Ugly Duckling Rusty 
Water Walker 
White Miller 
Whitefly Parachute 
Wickham's Fancy 
Woodchuck Caddis 
Yellow Humpy 
Yellow Sally 
Wets $4.75/doz.
Adams Wet 
Alder Fly Wet 
Alexandra Wet 
Black Gnat Wet Fly 
Blue Dun Wet Fly 
Brown Hackle Peacock Wet Fly 
Carey Special Wet Fly 
Dark Cahill Wet Fly 
Grizzly King Wet Fly 
Hare's Ear Soft Hackle 
Hare's Ear Soft Hackle Black 
Hare's Ear Soft Hackle Dark 
Hare's Ear Soft Hackle Olive 
Hare's Ear Wet 
Leadwing Coachman Wet Fly 
Light Cahill Wet Fly 
March Brown Soft Hackle 
March Brown Wet Fly 
McGinty Wet Fly 
Montreal Wet Fly 
Wets $4.75/doz.
Parmachene Belle Wet Fly 
Partridge & Green Wet Fly 
Partridge & Yellow Wet Fly 
Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle 
Picket Pin Wet Fly 
PMD Wet 
Professor Wet Fly 
Quill Gordon Wet 
Royal Coachman Wet 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
American Grannom Pupa 
Baetis Nymph 
Bitch Creek 
Black Martinez 
Black Mayfly Nymph 
Black Quill Nymph 
Brachycentrus Larva 
Brown Drake Nymph 
Brown Dredgebug 
Bubble Back Emerger 
Buckskin Caddis 
BWO Nymph 
Callibaetis Nymph 
Carrot Nymph 
Cased Caddis 
Casual Dress 
Catskill Canadensis 
Catskill Hendrickson 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
Catskill March Brown 
Chironomid Pupa Black 
Chironomid Pupa Brown 
Chironomid Pupa Grey 
Chironomid Pupa Olive 
Chironomid Pupa Red 
Clauser Crayfish 
Copper J Nymph 
Copper J Nymph Blue 
Copper J Nymph Chartreuse 
Copper J Nymph Green 
Copper J Nymph Red 
Copper J Nymph Yellow 
Damsel Nymph Olive 
Disco Midge 
Diving Caddis Bright Green 
Diving Caddis Gray 
Diving Caddis Olive 
Diving Caddis Tan 
Early Brown Stone 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
Early Grey Stone 
Flash Back Hare's Ear 
Flash Back Hare's Ear Dark 
Flash Back Pheasant Tail 
Flashback Scud Tan 
Gill Ribbed Larva 
Gray Derdgebug 
Green Drake Emerger 
Green Drake Soft Hackle 
Green Weenie 
Hare's Ear 
Hare's Ear Brown 
Hare's Ear Dark 
Hare's Ear Olive 
Herl Nymph 
Hexagenia Nymph 
Isonychia Nymph 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
K's Stone Black 
K's Stone Brown 
K's Stone Golden 
Lake Dragon 
Large Black Stone 
Light Cahill Nymph 
Little Green Caddis Pupa 
Little Green Rock Worm 
Little Yellow Stone Nymph 
Longtail March Brown 
Marabou Midge Black 
Marabou Midge Olive 
Marabou Nymph 
March Brown Nymph 
Micro Mayfly Black 
Micro Mayfly Brown 
Micro Mayfly Olive 
Micro Mayfly Tan 
Montana Stone 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
Mosquito Larva 
Mysis Shrimp 
Ostrich Blue Wing Olive 
Ostrich Callibaetis 
Ostrich Pale Morning Dun 
Palmered Caddis Green 
Palmered Caddis Pink 
Palmered Caddis Yellow 
Peacock and Pheasant Nymph 
Peacock Dragon 
Pheasant Back Stone 
Pheasant Tail Black 
Pheasant Tail Challenged 
Pheasant Tail Nymph 
Poxyback BWO 
Poxyback PMD 
Poxyback Trico 
Prince Nymph 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
Prince Nymph Rubber Leg 
Quill Gordon Nymph 
Red Squirrel Nymph 
Renegade Nymph 
Rhycophila Caddis 
RS 2 Dun 
RS 2 Olive 
RS 2 Tan 
Rubber Glove Nymph 
San Juan Worm Brown 
San Juan Worm Hot Pink 
San Juan Worm Orange 
San Juan Worm Red 
San Juan Worm Tan 
Scud Gray 
Scud Olive 
Scud Orange 
Scud Pink 
Skimming Caddis 
Sow Bug Olive 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
Sow Bug Tan 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Amber 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Black 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Brown 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Dark 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Light 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Olive 
Sparkle Caddis Pupa Tan 
Speckled Sedge 
Stonefly Creeper 
Stove Pipe 
Suspended Midge Pupa Black 
Suspended Midge Pupa Olive 
Suspended Midge Pupa Red 
Suspended Midge Pupa Tan 
Swannundaze Caddis 
Tellico Nymph 
Tellico Nymph Orange 
Tied Down Caddis Green 
Tied Down Caddis Pink 
Nymphs $4.75/doz.
Turkey Nymph 
Water Boatman 
WD 40 
WD40 Chartreuse 
WD40 Olive 
WD40 Red 
WD40 Tan 
White Larva 
Wiggle Gray Drake 
Wiggle Green Drake 
Zebra Midge 
Zug Bug 
Streamers $4.75/doz.
BH Woolly Bugger Black 
BH Woolly Bugger Brown 
BH Woolly Bugger Olive 
BH Woolly Bugger Purple 
BH Woolly Bugger White 
Black Ghost 
Black Nose Dace 
Bunny Leech Ginger 
Bunny Leech Orange 
Bunny Leech Purple 
Bunny Leech White 
Conehead Marabou Muddler Black 
Conehead Marabou Muddler Olive 
Conehead Marabou Muddler Purple 
Conehead Marabou Muddler White 
Conehead Marabou Muddler Yellow 
Conehead Muddler Minnow 
Conehead Woolly Bugger Black 
Conehead Woolly Bugger Olive 
Conehead Woolly Bugger Purple 
Streamers $4.75/doz.
Conehead Woolly Bugger White 
Dark Spruce 
Gray Ghost 
Grizzly King Streamer 
Krystal Bugger Black 
Krystal Bugger Brown 
Krystal Bugger Lime 
Krystal Bugger Olive 
Krystal Bugger Pink 
Krystal Bugger Purple 
Krystal Bugger White 
Little Brook Trout 
Little Brown Trout 
Little Rainbow Trout 
Marabou Muddler Black 
Marabou Muddler White 
Matuka Badger 
Matuka Olive 
Mickey Finn 
Streamers $4.75/doz.
Muddler Minnow 
Royal Coachman Streamer 
Woolhead Sculpin Black 
Woolhead Sculpin Olive 
Woolly Bugger Black 
Woolly Bugger Brown 
Woolly Bugger Olive 
Woolly Bugger Purple 
Woolly Worm Black 
Woolly Worm Brown 
Woolly Worm Olive 
Woolly Worm Purple 
Woolly Worm White 
Woolly Worm Yellow 
Zonker Black 
Zonker Olive 
Zonker Purple 
Zonker White 
Bead Heads $5.00/doz.
BH Bitch Creek 
BH Brassie 
BH Copper J 
BH Copper J Black 
BH Copper J Blue 
BH Copper J Chartreuse 
BH Copper J Green 
BH Copper J Red 
BH Copper J Runner Leg 
BH Danger Baby Copper 
BH Flash Back Hare's Ear 
BH Flash Back Hare's Ear Dark 
BH Flash Back Pheasant Tail 
BH Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph 
BH Hare's Ear Black 
BH Hare's Ear Brown 
BH Hare's Ear Dark 
BH Hare's Ear Olive 
BH Isonychia Nymph 
BH K's Stone Black 
Bead Heads $5.00/doz.
BH K's Stone Golden 
BH October Caddis Nymph  
BH Pheasant Tail Black 
BH Pheasant Tail Nymph 
BH Pheasant Tail Rubber Legs 
BH Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle 
BH Pregnant Shrimp 
BH Prince Nymph 
BH Prince Rubber Leg 
BH Rainbow Warrior  
BH Rainbow Warrior  
BH Rainbow Warrior  
BH San Juan Worm Brown 
BH San Juan Worm Hot Pink 
BH San Juan Worm Orange 
BH San Juan Worm Red 
BH San Juan Worm Tan 
BH Scud Gray 
BH Scud Olive 
BH Scud Orange 
Bead Heads $5.00/doz.
BH Scud Pink 
BH Scud Tan 
BH Super Flash Pheasant Tail 
BH Tan Damsel 
BH Tellico  
BH Tellico Nymph Orange 
BH WD40 Black 
BH WD40 Chartreuse 
BH WD40 Olive 
BH WD40 Red 
BH WD40 Tan 
BH Woven Stonefly Nymph Black 
BH Woven Stonefly Nymph Brown 
BH Woven Stonefly Nymph Golden 
BH Woven Stonefly Nymph Tan 
BH Zebra Midge Black 
BH Zebra Midge Brown 
BH Zebra Midge Chartreuse 
BH Zebra Midge Olive 
BH Zebra Midge Red 
Bead Heads $5.00/doz.
BH Zug Bug Nymph 
Glass Bead Zebra Midge Black 
Glass Bead Zebra Midge Olive 
Glass Bead Zebra Midge Red 
Glass Bead Zebra Midge White 
Tungsten Bead Heads $6.50/doz.
Tungsten BH Copper J