Fish Pic Contest

Send us photos of your recent catch, your favorite fishing hole, your family fishing vacation or anything else fish related for your chance to win our online photo contest. Every so often, our panel of fish photo experts will pick the photo that we feel best portrays the fun in fly fishing.

Contest Rules:

  1. Please limit your submissions to five photos per month.
  2. Include the type of fish, location of your catch, tackle used and any other pertinent information with each photo submission.
  3. SMILE
  4. Submissions must be received by the 25th of each month or they will not be considered until the following month.
  5. Email your submissions to

Winners will be notified by email before the end of each month. Each monthly winner will be featured on the homepage of our website and in a monthly email newsletter sent to our customers. The winning prize will be a 30 piece fly assortment. Assortments may vary from month to month.

Winner: Jeff Shepherd

Jeff Shepherd

Congratulations to Jeff Shepherd for winning our December Fish Pic Contest! Jeff caught this Whopper in upstate New York with an Orvis Rod and Reel and a salmon egg pattern from Stream Flies. Nice job!

Winner: Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Congratulations to Chris Robinson for winning our November Fish Pic Contest! Chris caught several monsters on the Betsie River in Michigan using a size 6 orange salmon egg pattern and a size 16 woolly bugger pattern from Stream Flies. Nice fish!

Winner: Karen Logan

Karen Logan

Congratulations to Karen Logan for winning our October Fish Pic Contest! Newton Logan sent this picture of his wife Karen with a nice rainbow she caught on the Frasier River in Colorado. She was using a copper john bead head with white rubber legs from Stream Flies. Nice fish and great smile!

Winner: Don Baylor

Don Baylor

Congratulations to Don Baylor for winning our September Fish Pic Contest! Don Baylor caught this Golden Trout in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. Beautiful fish and beautiful water! Don wins a 30 fly assortment for this great shot.

Winner: John Boesenberg

John Boesenberg

Congratulations to John Boesenberg for winning the August Fish Pic Contest! John caught this beautiful peacock bass in the Miami Canals using a Muddler Minnow from Stream Flies. John wins a 30 fly assortment for sharing this great pic!

Winner: Zach Martinez

Zach Martinez

Congratulations to 9 year old Zach Martinez for winning our pic contest in July! Zach caught this 20 inch Rainbow in Red River, New Mexico on a size 16 mosquito purchased from Stream Flies. Congrats Zach for winning this month's prize, a 40 fly nymph and dry fly combo assortment. Thanks Vinny for sending in this great pic of your son and his catch. It's great to see parents passing on their love for the sport of fly fishing to their kidos! Keep up the great work!

Winner: Stephen Wozniak

Stephen Wozniak

Congratulations to Stephen Wozniak for winning our pic contest in June. Stephen caught this monster Rainbow on a Muddler Minnow he bought from Stream Flies. He caught this one along with several others at Harriet Lake in Oregon. Congrats Stephen for winning this month's prize, a 40 fly worm and egg combo assortment! Nice pic!

Winner: Jacob McLallen

Jacob McLallen

Congratulations to Jacob McLallen for winning our fish pic contest in May. Jacob caught this nice steelhead on Elk Creek, just a few miles from Lake Erie. He was fishing a 9 foot 5 weight Orvis Helios. The fish hit on a double rig peach blood dot egg with gold ribbed hare's ear dropper.

"I caught this one fishing a deep pool by dead drifting it through with an indicator while mending the fly line against the current." Nice job Jacob!

Winner: Jeff Peacock

Jeff Peacock

Congratulations to Jeff Peacock for winning our fish pic contest in April. Jeff caught and released this wild steelhead back in April on a small river in SE Alaska. He was using a 9 foot 8 weight Reddington fly rod swinging a clown fly on 12 pound monofilament line. Nice fish Jeff!

Winner: Bob Murdoch

Bob Murdoch

Congratulations to Bob Murdoch of British Columbia for winning this month’s Customer Fish Pic Contest. Bob received a 30-piece dry/wet fly assortment for this great pic of his recent catch!

Bob caught this beautiful rainbow at Logan Lake in the interior of British Columbia. He was slow trolling a purple bunny leech on a floating line with a sinking tip from a pontoon boat. Nice job Bob!

Winner: Justin Hamblin

Justin Hamblin

Congratulations to Justin Hamblin of Utah for winning this month’s Customer Fish Pic Contest. Justin received a 30-piece dry fly assortment for this wonderful pic of his recent catch. Thanks Justin!

Justin caught and released this beautiful 25” Splake in a high alpine lake in Utah. He was using a 9-foot 5-weight TFO BVK and the fish hit a size 6 White Zonker from Stream Flies.

Winner: Sid Eavis

Sid Eavis

Congratulations to Sid Eavis of Australia for winning this month’s Customer Fish Pic Contest. Sid received a 30-piece woolley bugger assortment for this wonderful pic of his recent catch. Thanks Sid!

“I landed this 6 lb. Brown Trout (along with 4 others of similar size that day) on the Hautapu River, which is in New Zealand North Island in the Taihape Region. I was using a 4 weight fast action rod with a 5 weight WFF line, a 12 foot leader and it rose to a #14 Parachute Adams (from Streamflies of course). I did of course release the fish so it is still swimming around for someone else to catch.” –Sid Eavis