“I am very happy with the service. The purchase price was excellent. I will be dealing with you again. Thank you and have a nice day. Tight Lines.”
— Brian from Australia

“Hello, I just received my fly selections today and just wanted to thank you for providing an outstanding quality fly in both appearance and price. I'm pleased to have found your site on I look forward to many more purchases in the future. A+++ Thank you for your quick shipment too ! ”
— Aron from Pennsylvania

“I got your flies today they are truly magnificent. Arthritis, brought on by advancing years prevents me from tying for am I pleased I found you? YOU BETCHA!!!!!! You’ve made an elderly English gentleman very happy! Happiness, health and long life to you and yours! ”
— Bob from Australia

“Hi Philip, I have received the flies I ordered and they are beautiful. I thank you for your excellent service.”
— Frank from Australia

“Great service with good looking specimens.”
— Mark from New Zealand

“Hi Phillip, I just wanted to say I put Stream Flies flies on my Christmas list going to my three grown daughters this year, and much to my surprise they listened to some degree. Not only did I get some great flies, I also received one of your new fly boxes from one of them. Thanks for helping my girls with their shopping and also for helping fill my fly boxes for the upcoming season. Thanks again for the great service.”
— Greg from Washington

“I want to say thanks for the prompt service and wonderful flies. People always tell me how I should go check out their buddy's local fly shop, and how good their flies and products are, and yadda yadda. Frankly, I will never go anywhere else besides Stream Flies because you guys carry so many patterns, the quality is superb, and the price is simply unbeatable. When I end their rants by telling them about my experience with Stream Flies, they don't have much to say, besides, wow, that's pretty good. You guys ROCK. Thanks a lot!”
— Josh from Central California.

“Just received my order and I am amazed at the outstanding quality of the product you offer at such a great price. Plus free shipping! Keep up the great work! All the Best!”
— John from Pennsylvania

“Hello, just wanted to send a quick thanks for the order. Our flies arrived today and we are very happy with the quality and service. The count was bang on and everything was there. It’s hard to find good quality flies at an affordable price on the east coast. Sometimes looking at 1.50$ ea. Plus Thanks again and I'm sure my group and I will be doing business with you again in the future.”
— Colin from Canada

“Thanks for the wonderful service again”
— Jim from New Zealand

“I just wanted to say thanks for super service. I just received my first flies and they are super. Thank you for all your trouble. I really appreciate it. I can't wait for my next lot to arrive. Thanks once again.”
— Adriaan from South Africa

“Philip, I wish to thank you for great selection and great prices you offer on flies and other products. I used to make my own flies. I had to because of the high prices of flies prior to your offering. I still make flies because I want to, not because I have to. Thank you!”
— Gilles from South Dakota

“I received my first order from Stream Flies today. They look fantastic! The trout don't stand a chance! I will definitely order again, and I have all ready told three of my fishing buddies. Thanks!”
— Rick from Wisconsin

“Received the flies today, they look great!”
— Stu from Connecticut

“Excellent Flies and service.”
— Henry from Pennsylvania

“I am new to your products, and I am very satisfied with my purchases. You were recommended by a fishing friend, and now I am recommending you to the rest of my fly fishing friends. Good luck into your future, and thank you for being here.”
— Tom from Oregon

“Hi Philip, many thanks for the flies, excellent service and will certainly be getting more.”
— Les from New Zealand

“I've told some other people about your site, so expect more orders. Look forward to buying more stuff from you in the future.”
— Richard from Australia

“I have received my flies in good order. I am extremely pleased with the quality; they are exquisite.”
— Mohammed from South Africa

“Phillip, I received my order today. The flies look great. I’m going to take them to my fly club and show them around with your web address. Don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a few more orders from the Lodi, Stockton CA area.”
— Jerry from California

“Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service! I ordered small and large double sided fly boxes Friday and I received them both Wednesday. The boxes are exactly what I was hoping for and I am very pleased with the quality. I will definitely be ordering more products from you in the future.”
— Jason from Pennsylvania

“Philip, I wanted to reach out and thank you for my experience with your company. You stepped up and got me my flies before my fishing trip. I caught 9 trout in 2.5 hours and we had a blast. I know it's all about being in the right place at the right time with the right color, size, fly etc... I will give your flies some of the credit! I was highly impressed by the quality of your flies, price and free shipping. I've told all my fishing pals about your company and they can't believe that these flies we're $.50 a piece. I will continue to shop on your site and I'm bringing some buddies with me. Thanks again.”
— Steve from Pennsylvania

“I just wanted to thank you for the high quality flies. I cannot get over how fast they arrived in the mail. Two days from Oregon to Virginia?? That's insane! Thanks again and you can bet I'll be back.”
— Chris from Virginia

“Thank you so much! I will be back for more, ha, ha, ha...”
— Gary from New Zealand

“Phillip, Thank you for the prompt delivery of my flies selection... I will be placing more orders with you.”
— Don from Australia

“I received all of my flies as ordered and they look great. I got them just in time to head up to the Eastern Sierras this week. Thanks for your great service and prompt delivery.”
— Bob from California

“Hi Philip, I live in New Zealand and thought I would take a small risk and order some flies from you" sight unseen". I cannot be more delighted. The quality is excellent, they arrived here on the other side of the planet in less than a week, and the value for money was extraordinary. Just came back from trying a few out and caught two lovely 2 kg rainbows within twenty minutes. Well done, great product, great service and great value!”
— Bryan from New Zealand

“I just placed another order with you. Just wanted to say I appreciate the in stock position that you maintain on flies that are on the river. Too many other providers are in stock when the fly is not hatching and out of stock when they are. Additionally, your quick turnaround is an added value.”
— Don from Connecticut

“I got my shipment of flies a few weeks ago. It was my first order and will not be my last. I am very impressed with the flies and ease of transaction, easy to use website, great products, and quick shipping. Thank you so much. I’m telling all my friends about it. ”
— Isaiah from Texas

“When I found your webpage selling these 50 cent flies in the thousands I thought that the flies would be cheap versions of the real thing. I couldn't ask for a better product. Everything is perfect. Thanks so much! I will be doing a lot of buying now that I've found you... and super fast postage, especially all the way to Tasmania.”
— Joel from Tasmania

“I received the flies in the time line you promised. The quality is a lot better than I expected for the price. Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly.”
— Kevin from North Carolina

“I got my flies and I liked them so much I made a second the same day. Thanks for selling the flies for reasonable price.”
— Paul from Georgia

“I just received my order and as always, what excellent quality!! Just in time to go to the North Tongue and try these baby’s out.”
— Mike from Wyoming

“Last week my brother and I went up to the North Tongue River to fish and I caught two nice 14” cutthroat’s on your #20 Copper John nymphs. These flies ROCK!! I just placed another order. Flies and fly rods, you just can’t have enough of them.”
— Mike from Wyoming

“Hi Phillip, I received my flies today many thanks. This was my third order with you and I am delighted with the Service, A1 quality of the flies and the price. At your prices and service I am not really interested in learning to tie my own (although I can see that one could get a lot of satisfaction from doing so). I can imagine one spending many hundreds of dollars setting up with the gear and the multitude of materials required to tie an assortment of flies. Once again many thanks for your great service and products....."I'll be back!"”
— Gerry from Australia

“I received my order today and they look great. I can’t wait to get out and try them... I was a bit skeptical of the quality, but they look pretty good... Thank you very much. I will certainly be buying from you guys again. Cheers.”
— Eleasha from Australia

“Hey, the flies I purchased from you last summer were great. You've got a great thing going. You can't find decent flies for as cheap as you sell them. Keep it up. I had to get myself a Christmas present. I ordered a bunch. Thanks. ”
— Kyle from Minnesota

“Thanks Philip! You just got a customer for life, and I am going to do my best to get everyone I know to buy from you. ”
— Rick from Ohio

“Received a bunch of great flies for Christmas that my wife ordered from you! As always, great flies and love the handwritten thank you! Will be ordering more shortly! Happy Christmas and New Year!”
— John from Pennsylvania

“Thanks for your product. I just started fly fishing at the ripe old age of 51, lol, I know it can get to be an expensive hobby but your prices can't be beat and the quality looks great !!! I'm sure I will be getting more from you.”
— Jeff from Maryland

“I just got my order in the mail. First time I've used your business. It was fast and complete. Appreciate it. Also really appreciate the note at the bottom of the packing slip. Just thought I'd let you know.”
— Jason from North Carolina

“I'm a late comer to fly fishing having only been doing it since retirement and am now 74 years young. I used to enjoy fly tying but more recently I spend more time fishing and who wouldn't, when flies as good as this are available for 50 cents each. When I think how long it took me to tie a Royal Wulff on a number 18 hook, it's a bit like comparing how long the fly is in the air instead of on the water when we do too many back casts, the realization that we can catch more fish (when we get the fly on the water) as well as if we buy flies instead of saving money and tying them ourselves. As retiree we have to think this way. Anyway this is to let you know these flies are just as effective down under in Australia and New Zealand as they are anywhere else. Cheers and thanks for the good service.”
— Sid from New Zealand

“I just caught 5 fish on 5 different flies which I just bought from you. They worked great.”
— Len from British Columbia

“You have got a good thing started here. I ventured in the wholesale fly market several years ago and still have an idea of quality and cost. Having already bought some of your flies they are decent quality and do catch trout. I can imagine your client list is growing. Good luck in this venture.”
— Wayne from Kentucky

“Received the flies today and as usual they are fine quality. I have passed your web site to other local fly fishermen with my endorsement. Keep up the good work.”
— Milt from Idaho

“Thanks for getting the flies to me this quickly! I’ll use them this weekend on a camping trip. They look great I look forward to trying them and other flies from your site.”
— Bernick from Oregon

“You guys make a great product so I’ll sure be ordering in the future.”
— John from New Jersey

“Thank you for the wonderful product and the even better service. I see no reason to purchase flies anywhere else. ”
— Andrew from Arizona

“Thanks so much for getting my order out so quickly. We had a great trip, and caught many fish. Great service, great product.”
— Nathan from Indiana

“Your flies are great. Not one of them has blown up, even after repeated catches. And they’re definitely true to recipe, too. You’re a great resource.”
— Bob from Oregon

“Thanks so much for the quick delivery of the flies I ordered. The flies are really top of the line and I can hardly wait to try them out. Thanks for the great service.”
— Greg from Washington

“We are enjoying the fishing thanks to the flies! Will be repeat customer for years to come! Thank you again.”
— Suzanne from Connecticut

“You are great, that’s why I keep coming back! Hope business is well. I spread the word here on my neck of the woods!”
— Jason from Colorado

“Love the flies Philip they look great.”
— Hal from Nebraska

“Hi Philip, I just wanted to follow up with you after my recent trip to the Big Lost River in Idaho. The size 20 BWOs did the trick on very picky Rainbows. All the rest of the guys on the trip could not believe the quality of your flies for the price you charge and they all agreed that you would have to pay at least four to five times what I paid to get the same quality in a fly shop. I know I have found my source for flies from now on. Keep up the great service. I have shown your flies and website to some friends locally and they were amazed. These are big time fishermen and tiers, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing new orders from Lakewood and Tacoma, Washington. Thanks again for the great products and even better service. ”
— Greg from Washington

“I received the flies that I ordered today, and WOW they are GREAT. I can’t believe the excellent quality of the flies for the price. No more going to the local fly shop for the same flies for four times the money. If the weather is good this week, I am going to try out these flies on the local creeks. Thanks for a good product.”
— Mike from Wyoming

“Most internet purchases made by me are for the most part very ho hum.... I know exactly what I am getting and know what to expect. I don’t usually take the time to follow up on a purchase. This time is obviously different. The flies are outstanding! Wow was I surprised and impressed! Thank you for the great service and prompt shipment. This was my first order and will NOT be my last.”
— Ken from New York

“Thank you, your flies are the best!”
— Shane from Oregon

“I wanted to let you know that I received my order of flies today. They look great, and I can’t wait to use them on one of the rivers that I can fish during the winter.”
— Bob from Oregon

“I could not be more pleased with the flies from Stream Flies.”
— Greg from Washington

“Received the flies! They are great, thank you so much for your help! I definitely will be ordering more!”
— John from Pennsylvania

“Best flies I have ever tied to 3lb tippet....thanks for great service.”
— Bill from British Columbia

“I’ve been looking for chartreuse comets all over town and no one around here had them in stock. I came across your website while surfing fishing blogs and what do you know... Chartreuse Comets! Thanks for having such a great site with so many flies in stock. I’ll definitely be checking back in.”
— Jamison from Oregon

“I just received my fly selections today and just wanted to thank you for providing an outstanding quality fly in both appearance and price. I’m pleased to have found your site I look forward to many more purchases in the future. A+++ Thank you for your quick shipment too!”
— Aron from Pennsylvania

“I am happy to announce that the flies arrived this weekend. I am very happy with the order. I will definitely be returning.”
— Matt from Michigan

“The flies are very good. I live on a lake here in the Ozarks and I use these flies to catch bass, bluegill, and crappie, and they do catch fish.”
— Daniel from Arkansas

“Good flies, good price, fast shipping. Will be back.”
— Don from North Carolina

“I have been fishing with flies purchased from you for a few months now and they fish fantastic! Thanks again!”
— Marius from North Carolina

“Used your flies in the last two weeks and caught two over 20" brown trout on the upper Delaware river. Flies performed perfectly.”
— Mike from Pennsylvania

“I appreciated how the individual cartons were numbered according to the order. The flies look good, I will become a repeat customer.”
— Dave from Ohio

“Thank you so much Phillip! The flies were great, I will be ordering more soon.”
— Jon from Utah

“I got your flies today they are truly magnificent. Arthritis brought on by advancing years prevents me from tying for myself, so am I pleased I found you?...YOU BETCHA!!!!!! You’ve made an elderly English gentleman very happy. ”
— Robin from Australia

“Received the flies I ordered and they are beautiful. I thank you for your excellent service!”
— Frank from Australia

“Nymphs got here today, great service with good looking specimens. I will let you know field results when our floods subside as could be good to a lot of non fly tiers.”
— Mark from New Zealand

“I received my order yesterday. OUTSTANDING! Fast, easy, inexpensive. I can't wait until the next shipment comes in. I'm looking forward to doing business with you for years to come. I will be spreading the news locally as well. Now I just need some warm weather to actually get to fish!”
— Pete from Grants Pass, Oregon

“I gotta keep on taking advantage of this great deal. I gave some to my friend a week ago while we were floating a local stocked pond and he was hammering them with your flies!”
— Shane from Oregon

“I wanted to say thank you. I received the flies and I am sure I will be ordering more as time goes on.”
— Eric from Creswell, Oregon

“I received the flies they look great! I can't wait to use them.”
— Doug from Cranbrook, British Columbia

“The first order I placed came in last week. I was really impressed with the quality and consistency of the flies. I just hope the hooks are of decent quality as well... this I will find out when the hardwater around here melts. I've been tying for a dozen years myself but tiny dries are my least favorite to tie, and I would rather pay others to tie them for me. I'm also thinking that with your low prices, I may be able to sell some of your flies to my friends.”
— Sean from Vancouver, British Columbia

“Sweet! I caught a fish on one of your black woolly buggers today. I caught a 14 inch land locked coho salmon and it tasted great!”
— Shane from Medford, Oregon

“Just a quick note to compliment you on your new website. It is awesome and runs smooth as silk!”
— James from Oregon

“I was very pleased with the flies from my last order. In fact, I've already caught fish with them. I'll be submitting another fly order soon and I'm telling all my fly fishing friends about your web site.”
— Trudie from Montana

“I just received my new flies this morning, went out and caught 2 cutthroat trout one 19" and a 22". They are GREAT! I have seen many more online that I would like to add to my collection. I will be ordering more in the near future. I love your site and products!”
— David from Washington

“Just wanted to let you know the flies arrived in the mail today, once again I am pleased with the quality and consistency.”
— Sean from Vancouver, British Columbia

“It sure is nice to get a little personalized note with the flies. It makes you feel you are more than just an order number like with the big catalog fly stores. I always look forward to that envelope with StreamFlies on it appearing in the mail box.”
— Jon from South Dakota

“It was a long journey to Italy...but the flies landed! By the way, compliments for your flies, they are really fine and with the best quality/price I've ever seen. I hope your business grows solid, and prices will remain ...low. I will come back, for now I will enjoy fishing...”
— Maurizio from Genova, Italy

“Dear STREAMFLIES, I just received 24 flies that I had ordered from the site. I was charged $12 dollars for some of the best looking flies I’ve ever held in my hand. What? Are you kidding me? $12 dollars for these flies, plus free shipping. This is the best deal on the web. I have ordered flies over the last few years from many different sites, but this is now my “Go-to” supplier. I have now turned my fishing buddies on to Thanks so much for the quality product that you sent me. I will be hitting the water this weekend and hope to bring some pigs to net. I look forward to continuing my business with”
— John from Fairmont, West Virginia

“I received my small order of 80 flies today and the quality and workmanship is excellent, with a very quick shipment and a detailed and perfected packaging method. I live in the Olympic Mountains of Washington and have many fly shops available near by, but nothing compares to Stream Flies quality, prices, and free shipping. I'm looking forward to many more years of business and new products. Thanks again Philip..Great Fishing!”
— David - Shelton Washington

“As an extremely busy individual, I do not have time to tie my own flies anymore. Stream Flies gives me the variety I need for fishing both rivers and lakes. The quality of fly is outstanding, and the customer service is by far the best I have had in the industry. From receive an email letting me know when specific flies are in, or to ask if there is anything I need goes above and beyond any large retailer around. I have had nothing but positive experiences with stream flies, and will be a customer for a long time in the future.”
— Kurt Taylor, Tualatin OR

“Thank goodness for '' While I consider myself a very good flyfisherman, for some unknown reason, my flies try and join the naturals in the trees, in the rocks, under the logs and anywhere else a fly can get caught. I go through way too many flies and if it were not for ',' I'd go through way too much money as well! Thank you, Philip and”
— Mark Radway, Whitefish MT

“Hey, I received the flies today. They look great. I need to order some more.”
— Skyler from Lewiston

“Thanks for such outstanding service and really great flies.”
— Jon from Sioux Falls

“I just received my flies today and they look absolutely great. I am from now on buying my products from you. Those flies looked very well made, and I cannot wait to give them a shot. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to more in the future. I also very much appreciate the time you took to pick them out for me, for the spots I will be fishing.”
— Kc from Merced

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